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Mike Hassell, Founder, COO, & EVP Investments

Ray Capp, Founder, Chairman

ConduIT creates shareholder value by identifying unmet market opportunities for information technologies (IT) created by university/ federal lab researchers and private innovators. We develop viable products or enterprises, and extend the researchers' scientific achievements, by adapting, optimizing, supplementing and/or investing in those technologies for commercial purposes.

Ray Capp, Chairman - former COO of Ingram Entertainment ($1B annual sales)
Mike Hassell, Sec'y/EVP - former Entrepreneur-in Residence, Vanderbilt Technology Co.
Rich Smith, President eDoc4u - former President of Encore Interactive & Artios Corp.

Ray Capp (Chairman) - Conduit
Ken Russell - founder, (Tennessee's largest private ISP)
Jack Stringham - attorney; former Gen'l Counsel, First American Bank Corp.

Conduit provides seed-stage management services and infrastructure as equity partners in commercializing new information technologies. We license innovations and then develop markets, or identify market needs and find innovations to satisfy them. By specializing in IT, Conduit cross-fertilizes opportunities among innovators, partners, and customers in related businesses, notably healthcare, entertainment distribution/services, and compliance/security/privacy.

Conduit forms enterprises, organizes investments & key partnerships, designs/launches operations, establishes financial controls, manages intellectual property, manages HR and legal matters, develops markets and builds distribution channels.

Primary markets are corporations, hospitals/medical groups, consumers, and military/government.

U.S. universities receive $27+ billion in federal research dollars annually, & produce 12,000+ new patents (of which <10% are commercialized). Private innovators produce a similar scope of un-commercialized innovation. Conduit addresses the gap between innovator and venture capital, partnering to achieve revenues and/or investability. We concentrate on the underserved category of information technologies (which require rapid responses to market forces) and content (which universities produce copiously).

Products: Companies:  
eDoc4u MoTerra Provisio (iTrials)
Xactly Broadband Technologies American Ent't Channels
Knowledge Products NTelagent On The Record
Strategica Technologies Community Harbor D3 (Digital Desktop Dashboard)
(Net Data Management) (Mindscore) D3 (Digital Desktop Dashboard)

Corp. Counsel: Jack Stringham, Bone McAlester Norton PLLC,
Patent/IP counsel: Cooley Godward LLP, Reston, VA
Accountants / Auditors: KraftCPAs, Wynne Baker,
Banker: John Stein, President, Bank of America TN,

Background information on Conduit is at

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